Religion and Media Syllabi

Note: These syllabi are included in the format in which they were found. Most are in .pdf format, but some are in .doc/.docx format and others will link to the class’s online syllabus.

Albright College “Religion and Popular Culture”

Arizona State University “Media, Religion and Culture”

Barnard College “Religion and American Film”

Biola University “Religion, Culture and Media”

Boston University “The Gospel and Popular Culture”

California State University-Northridge “Religion, Logic and the Media”

California State University-Bakersfield “Religion and Popular Culture”

California State University-Fullerton “Religion, The Media & Contemporary Culture”

College of Charleston “Religion and Popular Culture in America”

Columbia University “Covering Religion in Italy”

Columbia University “Covering the Religions of India”

DePaul University “Reporting Religion and Spirituality”

Duke University “Religion & Popular Culture”

Hamilton College “Religion and Media”

Hartford Seminary “Theology of Popular Culture”

Hofstra University “Religion News Media and American Culture”

Indiana University “American Religion & Popular Culture in Theoretical Perspective”

Iowa State University of Science and Technology “Media and Religion in American History”

Louisville University “Perspectives on Religion and Media”

McMaster Divinity College “Christianity & Culture”

Memorial University of Newfoundland “Religion and Popular Culture”

Michigan State University “Reporting on Islam”

Missouri State University “Religion, Media and Popular Culture”

New York University “Gods of the City: Covering Religion in Post-9/11 New York”
New York University “Religion and/as Media”

Northwestern College (Iowa) “Christianity and Culture”

Palm Beach Atlantic University “Religion and the News”

Point Loma Nazarene University “Writing about Religion and Spirituality”

San Jose State University “Religion, Film and Media”

Santa Clara University “Media and Religion”

Skidmore College “The Bible in Contemporary Film”

Syracuse University “Religion, Media and International Relations”

Syracuse University “Religion and Popular Culture”

Trinity College “Religion & the Media”

University of Alaska “The God Beat: Religion and the Media”

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill “Religious Games and Sacred Play”

University of North Carolina-Charlotte “Religion and Media”

University of Central Arkansas “Religion and Society: Religion and Popular Culture”

University of Georgia “Religion and the Media”

University of Manchester “Religion, Politics and the Media”

University of Missouri “Religion Reporting and Writing”

University of Pennsylvania “Media and Religion in India”

University of Waterloo “Religion and Popular Culture”

University of South Florida “Religion and Popular Culture”

University of Chicago “Theology of Popular Culture”

University of Colorado-Boulder “Religion and Media”

University of South Carolina “Faith, Values and the Mass Media”

University of Southern California “Religion, Media and Hollywood: Faith in TV”

Virginia Wesleyan University “Religion and Popular Culture”

Wilfrid Laurier University “Religion and Popular Culture”



Harvard University “Religion, Politics and Public Policy”

Rice University “Religion and Public Life”

University of Missouri “Religion and the Professions”

Universitatea de Stat din Tiraspol “Mass Media and Religion in the United States”