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If you have to teach on Zoom, make it matter

By Michael A. Longinow OK, March was a train wreck. Let’s agree on that. Even if we started out in January with an inkling, we were mostly unprepared for the order to vacate our classrooms, labs and offices — and keep our teaching up via Zoom. All those little face boxes on our screens with […]

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Project-related teaching to take students beyond cultural fear

By Michael Longinow, Biola University and Rebecca Frazer, The Ohio State University Hate comes from many places in our world. And the students in our classrooms see it—sometimes right around them: gun violence aimed at faith groups, racist graffiti, and the social media of those who seem so full of rage and vendetta. It scares […]

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RMIG member establishes student-run international news site

An RMIG member recently established a student-run international news site, considered one of a kind in Europe. RMIG member Michael Ray Smith helped LCC International University students create a student-run web site, It’s produced by students who typically speak English as a second language at a faith-based university that uses a North American-style of […]

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Note from the Head: Why are we here?

By Gregory Perreault Welcome to the 2019-2020 AEJMC calendar year! After being a member of RMIG since I entered graduate school and in leadership since my first year of a Ph.D. program, I have the duty and honor this year of serving as the head of our interest group. In this first newsletter offering, I […]

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Bias Busters needed: Be a critic/ally on a religion guide

By Joe Grimm Here is an opportunity to put your scholarship to work on a print and digital religion guide. Since 2014, Michigan State University’s School of Journalism has been publishing guides to greater cultural competence. Our latest, out this spring, answers 100 questions about Chaldeans. Not widely dispersed or known in the United States, […]

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From the RMIG head for December 2018

As head of the religion and media interest group, I would like to take a moment to express the current state of religious news content in the media. In the current political climate, there have been horrific stories of the massacres in places of worship such as the shooting in the Pittsburgh synagogue. There has […]

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Call for panelists

The panels for AEJMC 2019 are now set and are described below. If you want to be involved as a panelist, please email Dr. Gregory Perreault and Dr. Mariam Alkazemi by Jan. 15, 2019. Please note that requests cannot be guaranteed because the selections will be negotiated with our co-sponsors. We are committed to ensuring the […]

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