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AEJMC president-elect on virtual convention as a time for DEI and RMIG

Heading toward this year’s online #AEJMC2020, President-Elect Tim P. Vos reflects on imperatives for these times, including opportunities for RMIG. Vos is professor and director of the School of Journalism at Michigan State University. Vos designed and taught units on religion and media at the University of Missouri, he has presented his own work, been […]

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Article examines frames and stereotypes in burkini coverage

“Personal Choice or Political Provocation: Examining the Visual Framing and Stereotyping of the Burkini Debate” was published in the winter 2019 Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. The burkini, a modest swimsuit marketed to Muslim women, was at the center of controversy in France when it was banned from the beaches in dozens of cities. This […]

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Note from the Head: Why are we here?

By Gregory Perreault Welcome to the 2019-2020 AEJMC calendar year! After being a member of RMIG since I entered graduate school and in leadership since my first year of a Ph.D. program, I have the duty and honor this year of serving as the head of our interest group. In this first newsletter offering, I […]

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Download RMIG members’ report on anti-Muslim mid-term election tweets

Dr. Lawrence Pintak of Washington State University’s Edward R. Murrow College of Communication was lead author on a major Social Science Research Council report on anti-Muslim sentiment on Twitter against Muslim candidates in the 2018 mid-term election, “#Islamophobia: Stoking Fear and Prejudice in the 2018 Midterms.” The report launched with a New York Times OpEd […]

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RMIG members publish 2-volume set about religion online

Past RMIG heads Dan Stout, Amanda Sturgill and Chiung Hwang Chen along with Augie Grant published “Religion Online: How Digital Technology is Changing the Way We Worship and Pray” this year. It’s a two-volume set with contributions from several RMIG members that covers everything from United Methodists to Jains to Little Monsters, with experts from […]

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Holmes researching book on spiritual stories

Cecile S. Holmes, former RMIG head, will be on sabbatical in spring 2020. During that period, she will be researching her third book, which may also turn into AEJMC paper. It is titled, “The Power of Telling One’s Spiritual Story and Spiritual Autobiography.” Holmes is doing a set of 12 primary, 2- to 3-hour interviews, […]

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Thou art in a deal: Trump and references to God

By Ceri Hughes In the previous newsletter, I outlined the finding from my research which indicated that Donald Trump is apparently the most pious man to sit in the Oval Office during the last century or so. To be more precise, the research found that he uses religious terms and explicit references to God in […]

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Pew analysis of church and state in western Europe suggests further research

Public support for the separation of church and state is widespread in western Europe, even where government-mandated church taxes fund religious institutions, according to a May report from the Pew Research Center. The report said most adults in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, which have mandatory church taxes for members of major religious […]

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A course I wish I could have taken

By Khadija Ejaz A few days ago, I received a set of two books from Praeger under the umbrella title “Religion Online: How Digital Technology is Changing the Way We Worship and Pray.” Across their 624 pages, the books lay out a comprehensive picture of the intersection of religion and digital media. The first volume, […]

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Islamophobia in swimwear and politics

RMIG research chair Brian J. Bowe recently published an article examining the visual framing of a swimsuit targeted toward Muslim women in news coverage in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. The article, titled “Personal Choice or Political Provocation: Examining the Visual Framing and Stereotyping of the Burkini Debate,” was written with Joe Gosen (Western Washington […]

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The God card: Strategic employment of religious language in U.S. presidential discourse

By Ceri Hughes Though the Constitution explicitly forbids any religious qualification for holding public office, the religiosity of the holder of the highest public office—the presidency—has been an issue of salience to voters. Every occupant to date of the Oval Office is or was a Christian—something they are essentially required to promote in their public […]

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