Call for Papers 4-4-14

Call for Cases

Diana Tucker and Jason Wrench, the editors of Casing Sport Communication, invite the submission of fictional case studies for the 1st edition of the volume to be published by Kendall Hunt in Fall 2015.

The cases will be built around major concepts that are seen in both sport communication research and within textbooks on the subject. The goal of these cases is to present a short fictional account of a sport communication dilemma similar in writing and format to those published in Wrench’s Casing Organizational Communication (2012, Kendall-Hunt), Wrench, Schuman, and Flayhan’s Casing Public Relations (2014, Kendall-Hunt), or the Harvard Business Review.

To see a list of the topics we hope to cover in Casing Sport Communication, please go to the website listed below. Some cases will focus on a specific topic, while others may cover multiple topics within a single case.

Our recommendation is to try to write a case that takes a unique twist on a specific topic or combine multiple topics seamlessly into a coherent case. For example, maybe you’d write a case concerning sport as religion while exploring specific issues of masculinity in fan blogs. We’re not saying these specifically, but the more unique you can make the case and the greater diversity of ideas explored within the case, the greater the likelihood that it will be included in the final volume.

Authors who base their cases on actual events in the sport world will be asked to de-identify names and facts that could identify people, organizations, or specific situations. All of the cases should be fictional as well as decision based cases where the main character is left at the end of the case needing to make some kind of decision, but the possible decision alternatives should not be spelled out for the readers. These cases are intended to be short (10-15 pages).

All case authors will be asked to submit a subsequent teacher’s note for the case that will be made available for instructors using the case study book. To help you choose a topic (or topics), and prepare your case and teacher note, please visit Jason Wrench’s website and look at the sample case and teacher’s note. You can also download the writing templates for both the case study and teacher’s note to help you prepare your case.

Please submit your case September 1, 2014, for inclusion in the case study book. All manuscripts should be submitted in either Microsoft Office Word or OpenOffice Writer. We can wait for the teaching notes until later in Spring 2015 if necessary.

For more information, please contact us at or

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