Wanted: Allies/critics on beginning religion series

Michigan State University students discuss the questions to address in their Bias Busters guide, “100 Questions and Answers About American Evangelicals.”

By Joe Grimm

Put your knowledge and scholarship behind a print and digital religion guide.

Since 2014, Michigan State University’s School of Journalism has been publishing guides to greater cultural competence. Our latest, out this spring, answers 100 questions about Chaldeans. Not widely dispersed or known in the United States, Chaldeans are Catholic Iraqis who are keeping Aramaic alive. They became prominent in 2017 when several hundred were detained for deportation to Iraq, fallout from the proposed ban on visitors from Muslim countries. In Iraq, Christians face persecution from the government and extremists. Deportation would divide families, and some say it would be a death sentence.

100 Questions and Answers About Chaldean Americans” is our 15th Bias Busters guide.

All are available as print or digital books on Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, Google Play, iTunes and Kobo.

We have used text, of course, and video, audio, charts, maps and motion graphics to answer questions.

Our goal is to publish accurate, authoritative, accessible guides that help people overcome their awkwardness about talking to their neighbors and co-workers by giving clear answers to their basic questions.

This is where RMIG comes in. With guides about Judaism, Islam and Chaldeans, we have found that interfaith groups love these guides for group discussions. Guides on American Hindus and Buddhists are in editing and can use more eyes on them, and we are moving to Pivoting from Chaldeans, to other groups in the United States. This academic year we will publish guides about Hindus and Buddhists. With 2020 election politics in mind, we will next move to Evangelical Christians and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A key part of our process is to have knowledgeable allies vet our questions and answers.

Please email me at joe.grimm@gmail.com and tell me you can be a reader on any of these guides. We rely on critic-allies to ensure accuracy. Perhaps one of these subjects lines up with one of your areas of expertise. We will send copies of the guide you help on and credit you in it.

If you would like a copy of any of our guides, just ask. They are all here. I will mail you one so you can see what we do.

Thank you.

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