April 1 deadline for AEJMC 2017

The 100th AEJMC Annual Conference

Closing the Gap: Media, Research and the Profession
2017 Paper Call

The Religion and Media Interest Group (RMIG) invites submission of research papers on topics that incorporate themes related to religion and media.

RMIG will consider papers using quantitative, qualitative or historical research methods and accepts any recognized citation style (although APA is preferred).

Please note that essays, commentaries, or simple literature reviews will not be considered. Possible areas of research focus include (but are not limited to): studies of religious group members and uses of religious or secular media; exploration of  media coverage of religious issues and groups; analysis of audiences for religious news; media strategies of religious organizations; religious advertising; religious and spiritual content in popular culture; etc.

Papers focusing on historically underrepresented religions, denominations and/or groups as well as religious contexts out-  side the U.S. are strongly encouraged. For more about RMIG and its mission, please see http://www.religionandmedia.org/ our-mission-and-goals/. Papers will be considered for presentation as traditional research panels and poster sessions. The maximum length of research papers is 25- pages, excluding endnotes and tables. The Religion and Media Interest Group also sponsors a  Top  Paper  competition  for both student and faculty papers. (Note: student papers may not have a faculty co-author.) The top student and faculty papers will be awarded $100 each, with the second-place student and faculty papers receiving $50 each.  Co-authors will split the monetary awards, but each will receive a plaque. The awards will not be given if the selected papers are not presented at the conference. In order to  be considered for the Top Paper competition, please specify either a student submission or a faculty submission on the cover page of the paper. Student papers that are not clearly identified as student submissions will not be considered for the student Top Paper Competition. All paper submissions must follow formatting and procedures in the 2016 AEJMC Uniform Paper Call.

Please pay particular attention to the following section of that call:

Before  submitting  your  paper, please make certain that all author-identifying  information  has  been  removed and that all instructions have been followed per the AEJMC uniform paper call. Papers uploaded with author’s identifying information displayed WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR REVIEW AND WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE COMPETITION. ALL AEJMC DIVISIONS, INTEREST GROUPS AND COMMISSION  PAPER  SUBMISSIONS  WILL  ABIDE BY THIS RULE WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Follow instructions for how to submit a clean paper for blind reviewing.

Questions should be submitted to  the RMIG Research Chair Debra Mason at MasonDL@Missouri.edu. Type “RMIG Research Paper” in the subject line when communicating  via e-mail.

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