2014 Summer Newsletter


Welcome to the Summer 2014 Newsletter! For AEJMC 2014, please remember you will need a passport in order to attend the conference. Early registration for the conference ends on July 7th.

To read the articles below, simply click on the link and it will take you to the individual post. Thanks for reading! It’s been a pleasure serving you and being a part of this team. Safe travels to Montreal!


Greg Perreault
Newsletter editor (2013-2014)

Table of Contents

1. On the Paper/Panel Competition by Myna German

2. Tuesday Pre-Conference Workshops (AEJMC 2014)

3. Religion, Culture and Media: Don’t Try This At Home by Michael Longinow

4. Why I Research Religion in Digital Games by Greg Perreault

5. Why I Don’t Plan to Teach Religion Reporting Anymore by Debra Mason

6. Letter from the Chair and the Full List of RMIG 2014 Panels

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