RMIG invites research papers on religion and media

The Religion and Media Interest Group invites submission of research papers on topics that incorporate themes related to religion and media. RMIG’s goal is to enhance theoretical development in the study of the interface between media and religion through the production of rigorous, high-quality research that fosters understanding. The interest group promotes the study of media and religion within the context of the overall mission of AEJMC, which emphasizes scholarship, teaching, and professional freedom and responsibility.

Possible areas of research focus include (but are not limited to): studies of religious group members and uses of religious or secular media; exploration of media coverage of religious issues and groups; analysis of audiences for religious news; media strategies of religious organizations; religious advertising; religious and spiritual content in popular culture; impact of new digital/social media on religious practice; etc. Papers focusing on historically underrepresented religions, denominations and/or groups as well as religious contexts outside the U.S. are strongly encouraged. Please note that essays, commentaries, or simple literature reviews will not be considered.

Papers will be considered for presentation as standard referred research sessions and poster sessions. RMIG will consider papers using quantitative, qualitative or historical research methods and accepts any recognized citation style (although APA is preferred). Please limit papers to no more than 25 pages (double-spaced) in length, excluding title page, abstract, tables, figures, references, and notes. In addition, papers should have 1-inch margins and use 12-point Times New Roman, Times or Arial font.

The Religion and Media Interest Group sponsors a Top Paper competition for both student and faculty papers. The top student and faculty papers will be awarded $100 each, with the second-place student and faculty papers receiving $50 each. Co-authors will split the monetary awards, but each will receive a plaque. The awards will not be given if the selected papers are not presented at the conference.

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