Our new Facebook page!

We have begun post articles on the Religion and Media Interest Group’s Facebook page that our membership may find interesting.  These posts vary in nature for several reasons.  First, we hope that the media coverage of religion and religious groups can be used as examples for those teaching Religion and Media.  Second, we hope that the curiosity of our membership may result in posing research questions that can be further current understandings of interactions between media and religion.  Finally, the diversity of the news coverage posted is meant to be inclusive and create opportunity for intellectual consideration of media and religion.

In addition to posting about Pope Francis’ trip to the United States, we are posting about less frequently covered events.  These events include violence at times.  For example, the attack of a Catholic mission in Bangladesh.  Other times, the posts discuss social trends about the growth of minority faiths in the United States. While some articles may exemplify the emergence of religious coverage in sports news, others may pose philosophical questions about the challenges of religion in contemporary society.

We invite you to like our Facebook page to join in on the discussion!

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