RMIG member establishes student-run international news site

IUConline.com journalists meet for dinner in Klaipeda, Lithuania. From left are Anna Audare, Latvia; Hanna Motorina, Ukraine; Mariia Lysikova, Ukraine; Alina Kovyrialova, Lithuania; and Michael Ray Smith.

An RMIG member recently established a student-run international news site, considered one of a kind in Europe.

RMIG member Michael Ray Smith helped LCC International University students create a student-run web site, iuconline.com. It’s produced by students who typically speak English as a second language at a faith-based university that uses a North American-style of instruction, Smith said.

“We have students from up to 50 countries working on a news site operated by students who receive no course credit, receive no stipends and are new to the free press–and are writing articles in English,” Smith said.

A student from Syria built the web site. Because his country is involved in war, the webmaster is unidentified. The staff includes students from Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia, Latvia, Russia and others nations. Their goal is to produce western journalism for the 600 students and others at the private LCC International University in Eastern Europe. Founded in 1991, LCC has its roots in the Mennonite tradition and is a Christian-based, liberal arts university.

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