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A course I wish I could have taken

By Khadija Ejaz A few days ago, I received a set of two books from Praeger under the umbrella title “Religion Online: How Digital Technology is Changing the Way We Worship and Pray.” Across their 624 pages, the books lay out a comprehensive picture of the intersection of religion and digital media. The first volume, […]

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Islamophobia in swimwear and politics

RMIG research chair Brian J. Bowe recently published an article examining the visual framing of a swimsuit targeted toward Muslim women in news coverage in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. The article, titled “Personal Choice or Political Provocation: Examining the Visual Framing and Stereotyping of the Burkini Debate,” was written with Joe Gosen (Western Washington […]

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The God card: Strategic employment of religious language in U.S. presidential discourse

By Ceri Hughes Though the Constitution explicitly forbids any religious qualification for holding public office, the religiosity of the holder of the highest public office—the presidency—has been an issue of salience to voters. Every occupant to date of the Oval Office is or was a Christian—something they are essentially required to promote in their public […]

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