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Spring 2020 newsletter

Read how how project-based learning helps students overcome their cultural fears and qualms in our second story. RELIGION MATTERS: Spring 2020 Welcome to the spring 2020 newsletter. To read the articles, simply click the headline for the individual posts. Thanks for reading! Sincerely, Michelle Baker, Penn State University Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications Joe […]

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Racing The Washington Post on a $100 billion story

By Michelle Baker A whistleblower in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reached out to a friend because he wanted media attention on a 74-page complaint his twin brother had filed with the IRS on Nov. 21, 2019. The focus of the complaint: the church had secretly put members’ money into a set […]

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Project-related teaching to take students beyond cultural fear

By Michael Longinow, Biola University and Rebecca Frazer, The Ohio State University Hate comes from many places in our world. And the students in our classrooms see it—sometimes right around them: gun violence aimed at faith groups, racist graffiti, and the social media of those who seem so full of rage and vendetta. It scares […]

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RMIG member establishes student-run international news site

An RMIG member recently established a student-run international news site, considered one of a kind in Europe. RMIG member Michael Ray Smith helped LCC International University students create a student-run web site, It’s produced by students who typically speak English as a second language at a faith-based university that uses a North American-style of […]

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Jesus in the Food Court goes online

RMIG member Doug Mendenhall went live Feb. 8 with to house a weekly religion column that he’s written for almost two decades. Mendenhall, an associate JMC professor with the title of Journalist in Residence at Abilene Christian University, began writing the column in 2000 for The Huntsville Times, an Alabama daily newspaper for which […]

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Article examines frames and stereotypes in burkini coverage

“Personal Choice or Political Provocation: Examining the Visual Framing and Stereotyping of the Burkini Debate” was published in the winter 2019 Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. The burkini, a modest swimsuit marketed to Muslim women, was at the center of controversy in France when it was banned from the beaches in dozens of cities. This […]

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Religions–our largest social networks–meet the coronavirus

The International Association of Religion Journalists is finding plenty of stories in the outbreak of COVID-19 because, as it says, “religious groups represent the world’s largest social networks.” That factor ties many religions to the health crisis. In Italy, Elisa Di Benedetto reported: “Religious services, as well as church groups and any other activities and […]

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