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The Department of Communication at the University of Washington is seeking an Assistant Professor in the area of Communication and Difference. Difference, a perceived deviation from traditionally understood norms and patterns, is central to all of our lives. Whether we move in the margins or at the center of cultures, we live difference in a variety of overlapping, multifaceted, and distinctly experiential ways. Difference is increasingly the norm because of demographic trends, global flows, and technological developments, but scholars have more work to do to understand the myriad factors affecting and reflecting difference and the ways in which it continues to be tied to inequality across cultures. The Department of Communication includes several faculty who are involved in research, teaching, and service related to communication and difference, and we seek a colleague who will complement these faculty. Candidates may focus on race, gender, class, religion, disability, economic difference, sexuality, age, and culture, or other sources of difference; we are particularly interested in work that speaks to the intersectionality of some of these. We encourage applicants from all epistemological traditions, including social scientific, critical/cultural, and rhetoric. Candidates should have interests in at least two of our departmental areas of conceptual emphasis (for these please see our website: As such, we expect that applicants will differ from one another in the communicative contexts they tend to study. Experience mentoring underrepresented students is highly valued for this position.  For more information, please visit:

The annual conference of the Religious Communication Association will be held in Chicago on Nov. 19-23. Each November, RCA holds its annual conference and day-long preconference in conjunction with the annual convention of the National Communication Association. Scholars are invited to submit competitive papers and panel proposals for consideration. Instructions and guidelines are specified in the annual RCA call for papers. The call for the 2014 RCA conference is now closed; check back in January for the 2015 call.  For more information, please go to .

Journalism and Mass Communications Quarterly published an article dealing with religion in its September 2014 edition.  The article analyzes acceptance of religious humor in Spanish media. Specifically, a comparison is made between the opinion of journalists and the general public in the four main regions in Spain (Catalonia, Andalusia, Madrid, and Basque Country). The study used both qualitative (in-depth interviews with journalists and focus groups with the public) and quantitative (surveys given to journalists and the general public) techniques. Results show differences between journalists and the general public on whether religion deserves special treatment, and on the legitimacy of an opinion that shows a lack of respect toward religion.


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